Andrew Garfield honored by Orphan charity

Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield and his Spidey-girl Emma (yes! They’re a real-life couple!)  Stone sexed it up last night at a Worldwide Orphans Foundation event in NYC. The honored Garfield for his work raising awareness of the plight of orphans across the globe.

Garfield, 28, went on a fact-finding mission to Ethiopia and Haiti with WWO founder, pediatric infectious diseases expert Dr. Jane Aronson.

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Andrew Garfield and on-and-off-screen romantic interest Emma Stone ham it up at the WWO event at the Royalton Hotel in NYC

Aronson last night made Garfield the WWO Sports Ambassador. She said Garfield's work presents "an opportunity to show young people how service can enrich their lives."

The WWO, which Aronson founded in 1997, says on its website that its mission is “to transform the lives of orphaned children and help them to become healthy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world.”

Here's a promo video Garfield shot for the charity.