Bieberology: Would you let Bieber spit on you?

Justin Bieber fans: How much do you love that 18-year-old torrent of raging talent and hormones and Canadian politesse?

Do you love him so much you’d let him spit on you and love him all the more for it?

That was one of the weighty philosophical issues on the menu at an intimate tête-à-tête between Justin and DJ Elvis Duran, a veteran of the Philly radio scene, on this morning’s edition of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show at Z100 (WHTZ) in New York.

On-air personality TJ the DJ formulated ways of gauging Justin fans’ devotion to the Justness of their Justin-love.

According to a summary provided by the show,  TJ asked whether fans would allow Justin to “puke on their head!” (Exclamation mark supplied in the statement.)

The Biebster was a little upset at what he felt was a dig at his loyal Beliebers, calling the show “disgusting.” He said he loves meeting his throng of followers, he adores them – and he respects them in the morning.

Justin brought up one instance of fan bonding: His show the other day at the famed Apollo Theater in New York, a beloved site because of its connection to Michael Jackson.

“I was like, I want to perform at a place where Michael [Jackson] performed. And they thought of The Apollo, which was the first place where Michael felt like he got his start,” said Justin.

“Near the end [of the concert], the sound shut off. There was still lighting, but it was the sound board. My mic was out, the band couldn’t play. So the last song, we had the fans sing it and I did full choreography and we all had a fun time.”

It was a mind ‘n’ body meld of unBeliebable proportions.