Allen Iverson: Stop the divorce!

The long-running, never-ending epic divorce saga between Allen and Tawanna Iverson has taken yet another strange turn.

TMZ is reporting that Allen wants to stop – abort, annul, abrogate, break off, cancel, countermand, end, eradicate, expunge, quash, undo – divorce proceedings, which have been, um proceeding – albeit, not progressing – off and on for two years.

According to court papers cited by TMZ, Allen wants the court to chuck Tawanna’s divorce petition because he and Tawanna still have a chance to fix their union, which Tawanna has characterized as “irretrievably broken.”

Why? Allen claims in court papers that he and  Tawanna temporarily reconciled from November 2011 to February 2012. During those months, he says, the couple "resumed their marital relationship, cohabiting, having sexual relations and holding themselves out as husband and wife."

Allen does not say whether he wants to work on the marriage, an odd omission, notes TMZ which opines that the former Sixers guard is merely trying to delay the divorce to avoid paying support. (An ugly allegation, we admit.)

Allen’s move comes two weeks after Tawanna asked the court to order him turn over all his financial records – and a detailed list of all the women he has slept with during their marriage.

Allen, 36, and Tawanna, who have been together (off and on) since their high school days in Hampton,  Va., married in august 2001. They have five children.

Neither party have commented yet on the TMZ report.