Rob Kardashian arrested in bong shop

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Rob Kardashian's sisters are reality TV megastars.

Rob Kardashian, who is riding on his sisters’ celebrity coattails, on Sunday was arrested for allegedly chasing Tom and Jerry style, threatening and possibly assaulting a photog in Miami.

What makes it newsworthy, you ask?

For one thing, the chase ended in an establishment described as “a bong shop.” And everything that happens in a bong shop is worth covering.

What’s more, part of the fracas was caught on video.

TMZ on Monday posted the video. It shows Rob arguing with an attractive young woman who pushes him around a bit. Upset he is being snapped, he goes after the paparazzo. Then we see cops apprehend in the shop.

“He's attacking me,” the unnamed photog yells when he comes across a couple of cops. “He chased me ... he tried to kill me.”

Rob does not actually hit the paparazzo in any of the video footage.

Guess the report isn't all that significant after all.