Donny Osmond: We'll play Vegas until we die!

He’s 54 years old, but Donny Osmond still has that blinding, pearly white smile he and sis Marie used on their TV shows to hypnotize the entire nation and subjugate us to their nefarious plot to get the world addicted to sugary bubblegum pop songs.

Donny says he never disliked his teenybopper image – cause for much mocking from hard rock fans.

“Oh, I embrace it. I totally get it,” he tells

“I look back at some of the stuff I did when I was 14 years old: ‘Puppy Love’ and ‘Sweet and Innocent,’ 'Go Away Little Girl' and all those songs, and it was fine for the time, but it was definitely kinda cheesy for somebody who is into Black Sabbath or Jimi Hendrix or something like that!"

The cruise was too much fun …

Donny and Marie earlier this month hosted a luxe four-day family cruise which sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau and the private island of CocoCay. (Prices reportedly began at $799 per person.)

The pair had so much fun – and so many laughs on the last night of the cruise, it led to a little accident.

“On the final night, there was a video that they put together of the entire cruise and it was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life!” Donny says.

“At the very end of it, Marie and I looked at each other like 'What are we gonna say? So we were trying to be very polite, saying that it was sweet, and I said, 'I wonder who put that together?' And Marie said, 'Well, whoever did is not going to do it next year!' And that just started the process. She lost it, and then I lost it, and finally she just peed her pants! She tried to cover it up, but there's no way to cover it up. It just got worse and worse and funnier and funnier.”

Adds Donny, “The other night, she said, 'How do I redeem myself from this?' I said, 'Marie, you are now extremely normal. So many people can relate to you,' and she embraced it. It's so important to just be yourself."

Vegas forever, baby!

Donny says he and Marie love playing Vegas. They love it. They’ll continue there forever.

"We've got Vegas till we die!” he says, adding the Flamingo Showroom just signed them to play at least through 2014.

Watch the duo whoop it up in a clip from a 1976 Christmas special: