Axl Rose explains Guns N' Roses no-show in 2002 that led to melee

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose tried to explain from the stage of the Electric Factory Monday why the band failed to perform at a Dec. 2002 show at what is now the Wells Fargo Center.

When the band never came out a melee ensued with fans throwing chairs and wreaking havoc in the arena. Rose told the Electric Factory crowd about an hour into the band’s set that he had canceled the 2002 show that morning because he was sick.

“My manager told me he canceled it and then didn't,” Rose said before explaining how Clear Channel, the concert promoter now operating as LiveNation “Wanted us to f--- up, because they wanted to end the tour. 'Cause they had some s--- going on in Florida or something… I don't know… a whole bunch of bulls---. But I got really sick. It had nothing to do with fur coats and basketball games, you know.”

At the time it was reported that Rose wouldn’t go on because he was watching a basketball game. The fur coat reference he made is unclear.

As for Clear Channel, the promoter did cancel the rest of the Guns N’ Roses tour several days after the Philly no-shows. A LiveNation spokeswoman did not return a request for comment on Rose’s remarks.

“So it's good to be here,” Rose said. “ I want to apologize for my part of that. You know, so… I'm not saying I'm innocent."

On Monday, Rose, the group’s only original member, and his hired guns took the stage aroujnd 11:30 and played a three-hour set of Guns N’ Roses greatest hits and new cuts from the band’s latest “Chinese Democracy.”

Here's Rose's explanation below with some profanity and a sick version of "You Could Be Mine."