Jeweler confirms she made Natalie Portman's wedding band

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This is love. Natalie and Benjamin.

It’s been confirmed! (Well, not really, but it's complicated ....)

Oscar-winning Black Swan star Natalie Portman, 30, has made an honest ballerino out of Benjamin Millepied, 34, in a secret marriage (conducted in a super-secret bunker deep in the bowels of North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAD below Cheyenne Mountain?).

Word of their marriage spread when intrepid shutterbugs noticed the couple sported wedding bands Sunday at the Academy Awards.

The confirmation doesn’t exactly come from either sex symbol or their p.r. reps.

It comes from an even more trusted source – their jeweler, Jamie Wolf.

An honest crafts person, she did her civic duty, stepping forward to volunteer the information in a press release not the least bit self-serving.

So, was she at the wedding?

Um, not really.

She made rings for the couple.

But not just any rings.

Jamie Wolf says she not only made Nat ‘n’ Ben’s engagement ring, she also crafted their wedding bands, confirming those are the very rings the couple wore Sunday.

“I designed the rings worn by Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman,” Wolf tells Us Weekly. “They were made with recycled platinum and conflict free diamonds.”

Eco-friendly rings? Hey, that’s how Nat ‘n’ Ben roll.

“Ben was exceptionally thoughtful and dedicated and patient to make sure we had everything right,” Wolf told InStyle last year about the engagement rings.

Wolf does have an inside connection to the beloved couple: She knows Millepied from her days as a dancer with New York City Ballet.

But her statement doesn't exactly say her friends are actually married.

That's a tiny detail none of the 900,000 gossip blog entries about the so-called marriage have bothered to mention.

If you read her quotes, it's clear Ms. Wolf never says the couple are married, but that she made their wedding bands.

Frankly, I won’t believe it until Nat’s chimney sweep confirms the news.