Fox 29 boss to news staff: No poop for you!

Fox 29 News Director Steve Schwaid has added feces director to his job responsibilities.

During a Wednesday news report about the tragic Tacony murder that began with an argument over dog waste, the station showed the animal excrement on camera, prompting Schwaid to issue the following memo to his news staff that he was upset about this decision...

Fox 29 News Director Steve Schwaid

Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 5:08 PM
To: WTXF_News
Cc:Ameena K. Ali; Dennis Bianchi
Subject:Dog Poop and Crap

We showed the dog crap in the Tacony neighbor shooting piece about the  piece at 5 pm.

There was NO need to show it.

Please, I don’t want to see crap, excrement, feces on the air unless you have MY permission.

Steve Schwaid

VP of News