Iranian girls upset about Barbie ban

Blog Image 964838 - Derakhshani
Sara and Dara have replaced Barbie and Ken in Iranian toy shops

Forget the U.S. fighter jets and Predator drones, the most potent weapon against Iran is a dainty lil’ plastic thing — Barbie.

The Islamic nation’s morality police are yanking the Mattel doll off store shelves as part of its “soft war” against the West’s decadent cultural influences.

The doll was officially banned as un-Islamic in 1996, but Barbie, who has had an off-and-on thing with Ken for decades, continues to be sold.

Now, Iranian girls have been offered an alternative: A pair of ultra-modest, ultra conformist dolls named Sara (female) and Dara (male). It’s not known if they are dating.

Reuters reports that a growing cadre of moms and daughters are unhappy with the dolls, calling them “ugly and fat.”