Rob Lowe to replace Regis Philbin?

Rob Lowe is being considered as Regis Philbin’s permanent replacement on its Rege-less morning gabfest.

Lowe charmed the pants off audiences (and made Kelly Ripa blush a few times) during a two-day guest stint this week on LIVE! with Kelly.

Now TMZ claims the network wants him to come back for good.

An unnamed ABC host tells the gossip news outlet that ABC honchos “loved the chemistry between” Low and Ripa.

TMZ says the network already has made overtures to Lowe’s peeps, but that the West Wing star, who already has a job on the sitcom Parks & Recreation, is noncommittal.

A TMZ cameraman apparently approached Lowe today at JFK airport in New York.

“Do you think you could live in New York,” he asked. (ABC’s show is shot in the Big Apple.)

Rob said, “We were just talking about that.   I love New York. I love the energy.  It would be a change of pace.  I'm a California boy, but It could be fun.”

So, would Lowe make a good co-host?

Watch Lowe’s guest chat from this morning’s show.