Justin Timberlake to wed Jessica Biel?!

We knew it the day he released “Cry Me a River,” the song he hoped would wash Britney Spears right out of his hair.

No, no, we knew it the day he was born.

Justin Timberlake, 30, is and has always been destined to marry Jessica Biel – and have a large litter of stunning, gorgeous lil’ singer-actors.

Rumors surfaced weeks ago that Justin and Jessica, whose on-again, off-again love affair has lasted four-and-a-half years, had patched things up and returned into each other’s loving arms.

Now comes a report that Justin has popped the question.

Us Weekly cites anonymous “insiders” who say Justin proposed during a snowboarding holiday in the mountains of Jackson, Wyoming.

“When they reunited” after a three-month split, says one source, “they had a conversation about taking the next step.”

Justin, another source says, has “never been happier.”

Me too!