Jessica Simpson baby: A $500,000 question

Are Jessica Simpson, 31, and fiancé, Eric Johnson, 32, expecting  a baby?

A question that has kept gossipers awake for weeks.

The couple, who became engaged 11 months ago, last month postponed their wedding indefinitely for mysterious reasons.

A couple of weeks later, gossipers began whispering about an apparent baby bump.

This morning, enterprising photogs caught Jess arriving at JFK airport in New York from Lalaland. And well, she looks quite pregnant. It’s a baby bump, not fat …

So why has the Newlyweds alum and fashion mogul (women’s shoes & boots galore, her collection has) consistently declined to confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors?

RadarOnline says it’s all about money.

The site claims that Jess and her beau, a former Yale football star and NFL tight end, have been holding out for a gossip rag or news outlet to pay $500,000 for Exclusive! rights! to the story.

Radar says no one’s biting, and now it’s probably too late …

Poor Jess.