VIDEO: See the Super Bowl ad that will melt your heart

Super Bowl ads cost a good chunk of change. Fox is reportedly getting $4 million for a 30 second spot at Sunday’s big game in Jersey. So you want to make sure your commercial makes (and leaves) an impression.

Budweiser really grabbed for the heartstrings with this minute-long fable, titled “Puppy Love” which debuted this morning on Today.

It’s kind of a sequel to their popular Super Bowl entry from last year, “Brotherhood” in which a trainer raises a Clydesdale from a foal, then goes to see him in a parade, and is surprised when the horse not only remembers him, he bolts away afterwards for a reunion.

The trainer (Don Jeanes) is back. Only this time he’s dealing with a stubborn lab puppy who keeps escaping from the farm next door to hang with his horse. These animals are inseparable. Actually it’s kind of menacing when someone tries to buy the pup and the other horses block the driveway and advance on his car.

Recognize the dog breeder? That’s Melissa Keller, former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. The song is “Let Her Go” by the British folk band, Passenger.

So if a 30-second ad goes for $4 million, what’s the bill for this? $6 million is the figure we’re hearing. And reportedly, there is one carmaker who has produced a two-minute commercial! That’s a lot of cheese dip.

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