Philadelphia Zoo shows off its cutest animals in #CuteAnimalTweetOff competition

Zoos and aquariums throughout America engaged in a little friendly competition on Wednesday with #CuteAnimalTweetOff, a social-media-based battle to see whose animals are most adorable.

And, if you ask us, the Philadelphia Zoo came out on top.

The competition began, Mashable reports, when the Smithsonian’s National Zoo put out a press release detailing the birth of a new gray seal:


Which of the Philadelphia Zoo’s #CuteAnimalTweetOff animals is the cutest?

Virginia resident Sarah Hill eventually picked up on the press release, and forwarded it over to the Virginia Aquarium, taunting them to make the next move, a challenge the aquarium accepted:

From there, a furiously adorable battle erupted between the National Zoo and the Virginia Aquarium:

After that point, other zoos throughout the United States joined in, including the Philadelphia Zoo. They started things off with a photo of a baby gorilla — a strong opener:

Then, on to a video of an aye-aye:

Plus a red panda for good measure:

Logan the ring-tailed lemur was next:

Followed by a GIF of some black-and-white ruffed lemurs, which had our zoo all "tuckered out":

A sentiment with which the Phoenix Zoo agreed:

A fierce battle, to be sure, but when the ammunition is photos and videos of adorable animals, we’re all winners.