Nike laces up for 'Back to the Future' kicks

Michael J. Fox marvels at futuristic shoes from 2015, as Marty McFly in 'Back to the Future Part II.'

“Power laces? Alright!” said Marty McFly upon seeing self-tying shoes from 2015 in the sci-fi film “Back to the Future Part II.’

That’s likely to be the same reaction from sneaker and film enthusiasts, as a Nike designer announced plans to release such laces next year.

In 2011, the Nike Air MAGs were created to look exactly like the shoes Michael J. Fox wore in the film, complete with light-up LED panels. Only 1500 pairs were made and auctioned to raise money for Parkinson’s research.  The only thing missing were the power laces.

Nike designer Tinker Hattfield was asked about the possibility of power laces at the Jordan's Brand Flight Lab in New Orleans on Friday, and confirmed that the footwear prophecy will indeed come to fruition next year.

"Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say ‘Yes!’" said Hatfield.

Hatfield didn’t say whether these laces would appear on a new release of the Air MAGs, or a new sneaker altogether. Also unclear is when we will finally get flying cars and time-travelling DeLoreans.