Your Snapchats are no longer safe, thanks to a new app

If you thought those goofy, maybe sometimes intimate, Snapchats you’ve been sending back and forth between your friends are safe from the world – think again.

An annoying new app called Snaphack allows users to save any of the photos or video sent to you via Snapchat. Unlike the original app, Snaphack does not inform the other person of you saving their file. It also doesn't inform the other person of whether you've opened the sent message or not.

Snapchat gained huge popularity for facilitating “private” media exchanges. The app allows you to send pictures and videos that will disappear after a few seconds unless you take a screenshot; which it then alerts the sender of immediately.

Although this is somewhat shocking news, it’s probably best practice to keep your Snapchats PG – it’s only a matter of time before someone hacks the app and all of your precious memories will be released onto the interwebz. 

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