‘Duck Dynasty’ set to return tonight with season five premiere

It’s been all semi-quiet on the Robertson front for the past couple of weeks, which, admittedly is a welcome change from the deluge of bigoted news we saw from the clan at the end of last year. Well, it was nice while it lasted. 

Duck Dynasty is set to return to A&E tonight for the premiere of the show’s fifth—and now, undoubtedly, highly anticipated—season. But, to be honest, it feels like they never actually left us.

Re-runs have been constant on A&E follow the patriarch Robertson’s outburst that indicated he has no idea why anyone would prefer a man’s anus over a vagina and would, in fact, prefer if everyone just went ahead and mated with the opposite sex, thankyouverymuch. Despite the controversy, Phil reportedly will appear in a number of upcoming episodes. 

Scandal-free no more, Duck Dynasty likely will face boycotts, but as Fox points out, they likely wouldn’t be watching the show anyway. Worse, it’s even more likely that the show will see a boost in ratings thanks to all the fervor surrounding Phil’s statements. Drama, after all, does tend to raise those viewership stats some.

And, hey, don’t forget the wine.