Wow! A blanket for watching TV!

I never thought of Snuggies, those blankets with sleeves you see advertised on TV,  as having any real purpose besides keeping you warm while making you look silly.

Sustainablog, though, has cited Snuggies in a list of supposedly "eco-friendly-ish" products. If you think about it, Snuggies are green-friendly because they help make it possible for you not to get frostbite while you lounge in front of your TV on those cold winter nights.

A frame from the Snuggie TV commercial.

As the reviewer wrote, "I used to drink tea, wear sweaters and wrap myself inside blankets like a burrito. This was quite cozy, but extremely annoying for doing anything — even drinking tea meant I had to unwrap myself from my snug little cocoon. So one night I was watching television and [saw] a commercial for the Snuggie Fleece Throw. I thought it looked a little silly, but wow did it look warm and the sleeves would be ideal for flipping channels or reading a book. I looked it up online and saw it at $15, much cheaper than even a decent blanket. I called the number and ordered. In a week, my Snuggie came and it was amazing. I was literally wearing a blanket while watching TV."

The writer was, I think, being tongue-in-cheek when she wrote that. I'm not, though: Why not just cut two holes in a blanket if you want to work the TV remote while you stay bundled up at night? Do you really need to shell out for a customized blanket-with-armholes? And if it's the sleeves that are the deal-killer... pssst! Take your bathrobe and turn it around. Look, you made your own Snuggie!