Why the Eagles won

After my previous run of posts predicting Phillies playoff and World Series victories as well as the Eagles' blundering their way into the playoffs, all premised on the teams' relative commitment to veggie options at their respective venues, I'm now prepared to say a little something about why the Eagles beat the Giants:

I have absolutely no idea.

OK, look, I admit it, I was one of the doubters - I thought naw, there was no way they could knock off the reigning Super Bowl champs after their inconsistencies this season. I was ready for my open-the-Linc-to-serve-CB-park-food suggestion to be ignored - and indeed, it was - and for the Eagles to fall to the steamrolling Giants. That would have made perfect sense.

This, as Rich Hofmann so aptly expresses, does not make sense - but there it is. The Eagles are one win away from the Super Bowl.

This leaves me wondering if my previous calculations could have been off somehow. Maybe, I'm thinking, a victory for the Eagles is something that doesn't come from a store. Maybe these guys mean a little bit more.

Maybe it was the defense. Maybe McNabb really is the best quarterback in the NFL. Whatever the case, I'm hereby hanging up my hat for sports pontificating, and just sitting back and watching. I'll let the people who know what they're talking about take it from here.