This transportation is REALLY alternative

The Green Racer begins its conquest of Federal Hill.

Not much time to blog today as I'm getting geared up for the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race tomorrow. This is the one where entirely human-powered vehicles (which also must have an "art" aspect) compete to master a course around the inner harbor and go through sand, mud and water in addition to city streets. If you're around that area, come out and say hi. Pictured is our vehicle (made almost entirely out of trash and bamboo) as it was last year, though now it will be a little more streamlined.

If, however, you didn't make plans to be in Baltimore on Saturday, you can still get in on our local version here in Philadelphia, which is coming up in two weeks, and which you'll remember from this post. The Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby does not have the water entry that adds such an imposing and entertaining level of difficulty to the design of the craft, but it's still a great time and a great way to see how alternative means of transportation can be fun and functional at the same time.

UPDATE 5/4: OK, as my co-pilot remarked at the end of Saturday's event, "in a way, this was the best year yet for the Dumpster Divers. Aside from the one thing in the water, everything worked perfectly throughout." And its true our vehicle's steering, which had been a problem last year, and other elements worked flawlessly. There was just the one thing with our water entry, which was the vehicle tipping over and winding up completely upside down and having to be hauled out and cobbled back together so we could complete the race. The good news, though, is that since our water-entry fiasco was so "interesting," we brought home the coveted "Golden Flipper" Award. See this page for more details.