Stroll along the rivers

In the late-period Talking Heads song "Nothing but Flowers" David Byrne sings ruefully about an urban/suburban landscape that has, for one reason or another, returned to the wild, the joke being that it's a positive development but the singer only sees it as an inconvenience.

Well, Philly is certainly nowhere near that scenario, but there are promising initiatives to make parts of our area less concrete-based and more nature-based - in a word, "greener."

As reported in yesterday's Daily News, the Coalition for Philadelphia's Riverfronts has just launched a campaign urging City Council to createa greenway that would extend from the east bank of the Schuylkill down to the Delaware (near the airport), then north along the PA side of the Delaware. This would connect existing trails along both rivers and create additional multiuse trails.

And, extending that trail concept out into greater Pennsylvania, tomorrow the Appalachian Mountain Club will have a celebration at noon down at the Walnut Street Bridge to launch the PA Highlands Regional Recreation Map & Guide along the Schuylkill River Trail & Banks. You'll be able to get a free copy of the PA Highlands Map and check out the Hike the Highlands hiking cards we mentioned here.

The map unveiling also includes a workshop on "How To's for Outdoor Exploration including how to 'Leave No Trace.'" Speakers include Park and Recreation Commissioner Michael DiBerardinis. Current forecast is 63 degrees and sunny, so it should be a fun chance - maybe one of the last this year - to get outdoors in the city and learn more about the great outdoors.