Ray's Excellent Adventure - Update #1

We haven't yet started getting first-person updates from Ray Goodman on his hike across America, but I got this amusing e-mail this morning from a woman named Beth who picked him up just off the Appalachian trail, and I thought I'd share it as our first update...

Hello, Ronnie,

Just writing to let you know that I gave Ray a ride this morning!  He was standing on the side of rte 250 just west of Charlottesville VA.  I drove him to the Rockfish Gap (the north point of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the south point of the Skyline Drive, where there is A[ppalachian] Trail access).  He showed me your article, so I went online to read it.  I really never pick up hitchhikers, but when I passed this man with the big backpack and the pair of Leki poles, I sent up a quick prayer, and had a strong message to stop and answer the upturned thumb.  The Leki poles in particular indicate a serious hiker!  He said he NEVER hitchhikes, either, I guess we were meant to meet.  It’s clear and sunny, rather windy, and the redbud is just blooming.  He’ll have a great day for walking.