Pure beauty?

As a newly green-conscious person, I've started trying to avoid dousing myself in fragrances, which can contain potentially harmful chemicals, and I've also begun scanning product labels on cosmetics.  Parabens, which are found in some deodorants, are on my try-to-avoid list, as is formaldehyde, which can pop up in certain eye shadows, and DEA or diethanolamine, which is used in shampoo.
But as I mentioned, this a whole new game for me. Sometimes, I forget to check altogether because I get so seduced into buying a certain product just because I've got to have it. And just because I try to make a point of reading the labels doesn't mean I'm good at figuring out from all the ingredients which are okay and which are to be avoided.
Last week, Paige Wolf, a Philly-based PR guru who's heavy into the green thing, informed me about a new Web site out of New York City called spiritbeautylounge.com. It bills itself as the only "carbon-neutral online boutique for luxury green, organic and cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle products." This year-old  site does the research for you. In other words, it makes sure that the beauty products it sells don't have any ingredients that are known to cause problems.
Besides all that, they even gift wrap, too. Probably in something recycleable.