Plastic not so Fantastic

Need to green up your wallet?

You probably don’t think so. I know I didn’t. But then, I got these eco-friendly tips in an email from First Data, an information commerce company, and, in the spirit of Earth Day, decided to pass them along. Because if you think about it, how many pieces of plastic do you wind up carrying around with you?

Tip #1: Check to see if you can reload the prepaid cards you already have. Reloadable cards, like ones you get at Starbucks, are a great way to manage the plastic in your wallet. Reloading your prepaid cards can also serve as a great budgeting tool by helping you stay within your spending limits.

Tip #2: Just tapped out your gift card from the holidays? Instead of throwing empty gift cards away, think about recycling them. For instance, Best Buy has a great gift card recycling program with kiosks located at over 1,000 stores around the U.S. The next time you pass a Best Buy – stop and drop off your empty cards.

Tip #3: Here's one I have to add: How about, Just say "no" to gift cards altogether? They force you to buy from certain retailers, and how many times do you wind up walking around with $2 left on a gift card? I say stick with the green - as in dollar bills.