Philly's charging forward

Looks like Philly's moving into the century of sustainability with a couple of encouraging tech developments.

First, from today's Daily News, Gloria Campisi reports on a city-funded program to cut business and home energy consumption....

It sounds like a sci-fi movie.

You're walking down a hallway in an office building after hours and the lights go on as you approach and turn off on their own after you pass by.

But it's not a technostalker on your heels - it's merely simple infrared sensors.

They are among the many energy savings proposed in the EnergyWorks program being unveiled today by Mayor Nutter and members of the Metropolitan Caucus, made up of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.

And CBS3 reports on Philly's (and Pennsylvania's) first electric-car charging station. It's on Columbus Boulevard near Tasker Street.

We're not sure how many Philadelphians own electric cars yet. Let's hope not more than a handful, as there could be some very long lines here to get a fill-up:

This “level two” charging unit — festooned in green and white ribbons and under a temporary tent for today’s ceremony — could take up to four hours to top off a vehicle’s battery.

Wow. The story also mentions "level three" units, not available in Philly yet, which will only take a few minutes for a full charge. Still, if you're an early adopter, start making your plans for an electric car now.

Smart Center Trevose, where Earth to Philly drove the Smart Electric earlier this year, told me consumers can expect to see the cars being actively sold in our area "in late December, early January."