Philly businesses trash recycling rules

It's a theme we've touched on before here at Earth to Philly, but today the Daily News does it up right, asking the musical question, Why don't many Philadelphia businesses recycle, if the law requires them to? Only a quarter of the city's businesses, after all, have even filed their required recycling plans with the city, and many apparently aren't even aware that they have to.

The short answer to the "why" question is that the City doesn't have the same financial stake in getting business owners to recycle as it does for residents.


The city makes $65 for every ton of residential trash it recycles, but makes nothing from most commercial recycling, because that money goes to private haulers. And the amount of money that the city could collect fining businesses wouldn’t cover the cost of handing out the fines.

Biddle said that the city will step up commercial-recycling enforcement in January — it might cost money short-term, he admitted, but he believes that it will be worthwhile.

Let's hope he follows through. Meanwhile, check out the complete package from Ashley Nguyen, including comparisons on how other cities handle this and a simple E-Z how-to for local businesses that are moved to comply.

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