Party with the giant puppets

Some of the sculptures and puppets at Spiral Q headquarters.

We've spotlighted Philly's Dumpster Divers here, but they aren't the only local organization dedicated to creating art from found objects. Another noteworthy group is Spiral Q Puppet Theater, which makes giant puppets and sculptures mostly from trash and found objects, and they're having an event this weekend that should draw all those interested in innovative recycling, as well as people who simply enjoy fresh artwork and parades.

Q-LICIOUS is Spiral Q's annual fundraiser - "and friend-raiser," underscores program director Ted Enoch, who further explains that your admission fee gets you "a night of fun - there's free drinks and desserts and activities, DJs and dancing, all going to help strengthen our organization. By contributing to spiral Q," he adds, "you're supporting an organization that listens to Philadelphia's residents in numerous communities and teaches them to create public art - often giant puppets from everyday materials found in their local environment." (The Spiral Q Web site notes that over the past three years, the organization has worked with over 100 local groups on sculptures, parades and other projects.)

Enoch especially invites "people who are interested in learning about what type of things spiral Q turns into puppets" to turn up. You'll see a Rice Krispies box turned into a giant puppet's cheekbones and paper bags transformed into "beautiful skin textures," Enoch promises. Don't bring your trash or found objects to the event on Saturday night, but learn about what types of things Spiral Q turns into puppets and how, meet the staff and set up a time with them if you have the right stuff to unload, er, donate.

Even if you don't care about the trash/recycling angle, Q-LICIOUS looks like a night to remember from a group that, in the words of the event invitation, helps "build a golden city where colossal puppets walk the streets and activists of all ages spin the giant wheels of change." You can find out more by phone (215-222-6979) or by checking their Web site.