Only Michelle Obama can save us now

I realize the 2012 presidential race is a ways off, but here's a thought for the 'green' agenda... how about an OBAMA/OBAMA ticket? Barack could be a very cool and dignified vice president, delivering inspiring speeches at funerals and the like, and Michelle Obama could be in the Office, you know, getting things done.

OK, maybe that's a little far-fetched, but since President Obama's "shellacking" last week and his promise to compromise further with a party that has made  head-in-sand climate denial its watchword, it almost seems like there's exactly one Obama who knows how to get results by getting her hands dirty.

Of course, Michelle Obama did just that in planting, promoting and overseeing the White House garden and farmer's market, a "symbolic" activity that made an important point about reconnecting with our food and eating healthily - but that also created and distributed  real-world food in the process. Then she followed up with a push for programs to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, which wayyyy too few are doing now.

The Obamas have just wrapped up their tour of India, and while Barack got a polite reception in his call for greater ties between our nations, Michelle just blew them away. As the New York Times put it, "First Lady’s Dance Moves Woo Indian Crowds." One India News went further: "Michelle's dance speaks louder than Obama's words." You said it! Let Michelle dance the US back to glory - or at least, global credibility!

In all seriousness, even in a secondary role, Michelle Obama can still make powerful strides for Americans' health - whether or not President Obama chooses to push on this front.

Sure, she may not be able to single-handedly purge the USDA of its conflict of interest (a weekend NYT expose shoed the agency was helping Domino's forumlate double- and triple-cheese pizzas to aid dairy conglomerates while advising ordinary consumers to eat healthier by ordering pizza with "half the cheese") or repair everything that's broken about our public health system, but she can be a powerful spokeswoman for common sense, which in the case of nutrition means fruits and vegetables.

As The Hill notes,

Poor nutrition is costing $56 billion a year to treat just three diet-related chronic diseases — coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer — according to a new report from the [Produce for Better Health] foundation. The nonprofit blames the federal government's relegating of fruits and vegetables to a "low funding priority status" for part of the problem.

That same report (PDF) details that Americans are only eating roughly half the fruits and vegetables stipulated in the USDA's dietary guidelines, and fewer than 10% meet the recommendations for fruit consumption - hey, gotta make room for cheese, right?

As Congress takes up a long-stalled childhood nutrition bill, here's hoping that whether or not she seeks higher office, Michelle brings her great positive energy, her style and savvy - and sure, her husband as well  - to push common sense, sustainable farming and good eating over the top.