On fracking and 'recycling nannies'

The Opinion section of today's Daily News is chock-full of green: Our main editorial is

3 of 10 big Pennsylvania recipients agree to quick disclosure on natural-gas political contributions

Kevin Stutler, ticketee

AS OF THIS writing, there are five lawmakers in Harrisburg who we know for sure respect the public's right to know about campaign-finance contributions. They include several key members of the legislative leadership, including Sen. Jake Corman (chairman of the Appropriations Committee) and Rep. Sam Smith (House minority leader). We're hoping more will join them.

Meanwhile, Thomas J. Gentzel weighs in on the issue with

For Pennsylvania school districts, Marcellus Shale is an opportunity

WE'RE NOT always fortunate enough to discover the kind of opportunity for which we are searching. Not everyone is lucky enough to unknowingly buy a garage-sale painting only to uncover a priceless document secreted in the frame. Similarly, many can gaze intently at an opportunity, yet fail to act on the possibility because of fear or uncertainty.

And Michael Smerconish columnizes off of a story about an avid recycler's questionable ticket, suggesting it's time to

Send Philadelphia's recycling nannies to the landfill.

IF THE Streets Department called Central Casting and requested a "greenie" - and I say that without derision - Kevin Stutler would've gotten the role.

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