Men in Brown get greener

All week, I've been lugging around a huge bag of charcoal in the back of my car simply because I didn't feel like hauling it into my house after I bought it. Not once did I think about what impact it might be having on my gas mileage. But as I've writted before in other Earth to Philly posts, I'm slowly developing my green consciousness. If I were  a newborn green person when I first began, I'm now actually beginning to crawl.
For instance, when it comes to driving, I used to never think twice about making left hand turns - who knew it wasn't eco-friendly? (See the tips about this in the attached video) And I've been known to "feel my way' to a destination instead of sitting down ahead of time and mapping out the most direct route.

But I'm changing.  I actually sat through this entire YouTube video from UPS about being more ecologically minded while out on the road. Learned a couple of things, too. But about that bag of charcoal.....