Married on Earth Day

Storrow Drive as it might have looked on 04/22/1990 (artist's conception / photo illustration)

How do you celebrate Earth Day? For the past 19 years, I’ve begun my observance by kissing my husband, Don, and saying "Happy Anniversary!"

Yes, we got married on Earth Day. And, no, we did not intend to.

Except for the first Earth Day, in 1970, the holiday had always been pretty much off the radar, except to hippie types.  Then in 1990, the year of our wedding, it re-emerged with no prior warning on April 22 as an officially big deal.

In Boston, where we tied the knot, the city decided to mark the gala return of Earth Day by shutting down Storrow Drive—a major highway— to paint it green.  Gridlock ensued. Among the idling masses: our officiant, band, guests and various and sundry members of the wedding party—all unable to get to the church on time.

At the end of the day, literally, the wedding turned out really well. Marriagewise, it’s all turned out spectacularly.  And thanks to the confluence of the big green holiday and our wedding day, everyone remembers our anniversary date.  (Apparently, John Kerry has his own fond greening-of-Storrow Drive memory, from Earth Day 1970.)

In the long term, I guess a little gridlock isn’t so bad—except for the ozone.  Can anyone other than me anticipate bling from their husbands for Earth Day?