Love your sweetie, love the earth

As a person with a newly-minted green consciousness, I couldn't help but wonder what the carbon footprint might be for, say, a dozen red roses. Don't scoff. Valentine's Day is Saturday and just because you're trying to become environmentally aware doesn't mean that a vase of long-stemmed red roses automatically loses their appeal.
Salon had a piece earlier this week addressing this very issue. This post comes across first as kind of a killjoy (giving Valentine's-Day organic produce? Please). But you can give flowers and still sleep peacefully at night by means of services like Veriflora andOrganic Bouquet, as Pablo points out.

And Scott Graham of Eco-Flora suggests the industry will respond if customers make it clear they want the most environmentally-friendly flowers possible. Give love to your sweetie and to the earth at the same time!