I smell Super Bowl!

Artist's conception of the greener Linc.

When the Eagles acquired Michael Vick I predicted that they would not win the Super Bowl with him on the team. Well, now I'm reconsidering, and not because Vick is suddenly everybody's favorite "second act" hero. Rather, it's because of something more potent: The power of the sustainable stadium.

Today the team announced ambitious plans to green up Lincoln Financial Field. This is not just changing a few light bulbs - they're going to install solar panels and vertical wind turbines to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the electrical power they have to draw from the Philly grid. If all goes as planned, in fact, the team may be able to sell some power back to Philly, making this a win-win-win.

And there may be one more 'win' involved, as I alluded to above: You see, as we explained in great detail here a couple years ago with the Phillies (and with the help of Mark Alan Hughes), the greener you are, the better your chances to finally win a championship. And like those drought-breaking World Series champs, the Eagles are in a venue that was named by a national vegetatian organization as the veg-friendliest in America! This is not just good from a health perspective, of course, but excellent for the planet, as more scientists agree that Westerners must drastically reduce and/or eliminate our consumption of livestock products if we're serious about tackling climate change.

So while there are still a lot of people not ready to hail conquering hero Michael Vick (and one can infer that as the referent in Philebrty's headline on this story), cheers to the Eagles for breaking out of the pack and running down the field of sustainability. If history is any guide, that Super Bowl trophy is closer than ever!