Germaine Green

Germaine Greer. Note: This is not a photo from the event in question.

Last night Germaine Greer, flaming feminist and free-love advocate who streaked across the womens movement and gossip pages in the early 1970s, entertained a full house at the Free Library with a witty dissection of Shakespearean scholars' writings about Ann Hathaway,  Shakespeare's wife.

It turns out that Greer started her academic life studying Shakespeare's comedies at Cambridge before writing her international bestseller, The Female Eunich. The library crowd peppered her with questions about... SHAKESPEARE.. and bought lots of copies of her book, "Shakespeare's Wife" recently out in paperback.

Greer still looks great and - here comes the Earth to Philly angle - spends much of her time (and lecture income) replanting a rain forest around her home in Australia, and she's involved in a project to expand green rooftops.  She's already arranged for thousands of trees to be planted and scientists to study how such ecosystems regenerate. 

We could use a few more like her!