Give a little bid for the Earth

Anne Hathaway (right) in her Golden Globes outfit, is Batwoman. Salma Hayek (left), helps with auction to help the planet.

While we're in the habit of alerting you to eco-friendly content that shows up in the Daily News, it's not usually the Tattle column that we're referencing. And granted, this particular item is not crucially Philadelphia-related. But not everything we ever talk about is - and more importantly, how can Earth to Philly pass up a chance to put a photo of Salma Hayek right on our front page?

Under the heading "Going, going, green," Howard Gensler has the scoop:

The Hollywood Reporter says that Salma Hayek, Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter are among the notables partaking in the second annual "Bid to Save the Earth," an auction of unique environmentally friendly items hosted by Christie's.

The auction takes place in New York on March 19. Tattle urges readers to bid early and bid often. Saving the earth is not cheap, people.

"The Christie's green auction gives wide recognition to the importance of ocean conservation and enables people of every means to participate easily and effectively," the event's host, David Rockefeller, told Reuters.

Artists Michael Doven, Isack Kousney and Shinji Turner-Yamamoto have donated works for the auction, and Christie's will also present an online silent auction at

Last year's auction raised more than $2 million for various environmental groups.

Now, if we can figure out exactly how much earth the $2 million saved, we can come up with a budget for the whole planet.