Future filming

Dan Gross, as usual, has the star-studded scoop today on the wrapping of the indie film "Future Weather," which has been shooting right here in and around Philly and which co-stars Lili Taylor and Amy Madigan. But thanks to a tip a while back from Mr. DG himself, I nipped out to Roslyn on Friday to talk to the film's producer, Kristin Fairweather.

The movie, about a girl obsessed with global warming, is out in front of a trend, walking the sustainable walk in striving for the greenest movie set possible - not an easy feat given the large numbers of people (and size of egos) involved in most movie shoots.

Future Weather producer Kristin Fairweather displays a banner made from recycled materials.

I got to watch one of the last scenes to be shot, in which star Perla Haney-Jardine is asking and answering questions in a classroom (I get the impression this may happen quite a bit in the movie, so don't know if I'll even wind up recognizing any of the takes I was there for). And I had a chance to talk with some of the people involved about the green angle.

Today you can hear Kristin Fairweather herself talk about the logistics of trying to create a sustainable shoot and how it all came together. From water bottles to talent transport to LEED accomodations, there was a lot to arrange. Fairweather hopes to share her tips with other filmmakers and maybe turn green moviemaking into the norm.

Stay tuned for more this week... yes, there will be more Future Weather in the future!