From trash fee to toilet tax?

In today’s Daily News, Catherine Lucey reports that the city might start charging residents $5 per week, per household, to haul away our garbage. 
The move would generate millions for the city, whose finances are circling the proverbial drain. Given our dire economy, the notion may get public support – especially if it helps keep a swimming pool filled or a library open. Although those who work hard to keep their garbage lean might argue that a larger fee should be levied on those whose homes generate gigantic garbage footprints.
To those disinclined to support the fee, I bring you this story out of drought-ravaged Perth Australia, where government leaders are pondering  a tax that targets home toilet use.
That's right, toilet use. (Talk about finances going down the drain!)
So, if you’re thinking a garbage fee isn’t fair, look at it this way. At least Philly isn’t doing pay-per-flush.