From rowhouses to rock

The Daily News has got a few good 'green' offerings today, starting with our Editorial section: Thomas Walsh has an op-ed about how Philly rowhouses are already notably energy-efficient and how they can be made more so.

Both sides of the aisle these days are claiming green as their own, so this issue is as win-win as you can get. Conserving energy means saving money - green times two. As winter approaches and energy costs rise, think of those PECO and PGW bills when you're eyeing a heftier shovel for the snow.

And in a venue very much related to the Editorial section, namely the blog It's Our Money (home of our Marcellus Shale Money Watch), there's a post, Marcellus Crash Course, that will link you to another good piece, this one by John Baer explaining the whole Marcellus Shale situation in a pithy Q & A. We've certainly done our share of attemptng to educate the public about 'fracking' and its pitfalls, but only John Baer would get the message across this way...

Q. Wait, is this the drilling that the state spied on its citizens about?
. You betcha. State squandered $103,000 of your dough on a no-bid contract with some "anti-terrorism" firm to crush the constitutional rights of anybody who raised questions about this issue or watched the documentary "Gasland" about its dangers or ever tasted a granola bar.
Q. Why?
. Because Gov. Ed was too busy analyzing football and appearing on every cable-TV talk show there is, and because the people he hired couldn't think of a better use of tax dollars.
Q. Well, what's the concern about drilling?
. Use of high pressure to force millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals down to fracture the shale and release the gas.
Q. Chemicals? Like what?
Oh, practically harmless stuff such as hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde, ammonium chloride.
Q. Sounds pretty toxic; what happens to the water?
. Don't ask.

Read the whole thing here.