Fresh green in a candy machine?

Here's the last of our audio interviews from last month's Go Green Expo. Love Your Fruits & Vegetables had an eye-catching display with colorful graphics, stuffed animals and a candy machine that dispensed green beans and carrots.

Founder Faith Beckford explained that this is just one way the organization - which partners with the USDA and is ServSafe certified - works to get kids to look at fruits and veggies in an attractive, fun and engaging way. The group goes into schools and caters parties where kids can literally play with their food as well as learning how to cook it, taking charge of their own food choices instead of passively being spoon-fed the Standard American Diet that has so many ill health effects associated.

In this 3-minute audio clip Beckford explains LYFVE's mission, to help change children's attitude about healthy food choices and reverse some of the many nutrition-related problems kids in this country are undergoing. You can read more about them and engage them for your event at the LYFVE Web site.