Flurry follies

While we were digging out from the record snowfall last week, DN flagship blogger Will Bunch beat us to the punch on a topic we'd scarcely believed needed addressing: Namely, the claims - which we've offered jokingly in the past but now are being advanced as though worthy of debate - that massive, record-breaking snowfall means climate change isn't happening.

It would be hard to improve on the points made in Will's post, so I'll just point you over there - it's the one titled "A blizzard of stupidity hits Washington."

This comes right on top of another comical example of climate-change deniers' desperation: After a massive blogger-fueled (and Heartland Institute-promoted) campaign to document weather stations that seem to be poorly situated, in order to claim that global warming trends are the result of faulty data collection, scientists duly took up the data provided by skeptics and examined it rigorously, concluding with a peer-reviewed analysis published in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

The finding? The poorly-situated sites were most likely under-reporting temperatures, so the skeptics helped bring to light that global warming is even more conclusive than previously believed. Keep it up!