Eat healthy with a kick... from Marilu Henner!

It's a given that New Year's resolutions to "eat healthy" usually fail within the first month. A lot of times it's because a dieter's wish to do the right thing isn't accompanied by enough information on how and motivation to stick to it. But an initiative from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine looks to help participants keep the momentum up with a constant barrage of information and motivation from celebrity coaches in addition to vast Web-based resources.

The 21-Day Vegan Kickstart is up and running in various cities including Philly, and with even the Associated Press reporting the mainstreaming of veganism, many people are trying it on for size. The PCRM program - similar to our home-grown Vegan Pledge we told you about last year, which is going again this year with another spur in Phoenixville - showers those trying out veganism with recipes, testimonials and one-on-one advice from nutrition experts about the transition.


Every day a new celebrity coach provides a message for further motivation. On Tuesday, Jan. 11, participants will hear from Marilu Henner, the TV/Movie/Stage actress unforgettable as Elaine Nardo in 'Taxi.'

Henner has been an enthusiastic advocate of "plant-based eating" for many years, and she points out that following a vegan lifestyle will bring five key benefits: "In one shot, you can improve your health, you can improve your body, you can improve your pocketbook, you can help animals, and you can help the earth."

Marilu Henner had plenty more to say about this as well as her memories of the last few times she was in Philly (and believe me, she knows memories!) as well as the Philly connection for her two former co-stars Tony Danza and Danny DeVito. It's in this E2P podcast (MP3, 10 MB) for your listening pleasure.

Also, if you're just hearing about the kickstart, you can still get in on it and get the celebrity email alerts as well as access to the recipes and info. Who knows, maybe this is the year you, too, take the plunge!