Earth to Phillies... Keep it up!

No one can forget, nor will they be allowed to, that the Phillies won the World Series last year.

Earth to Philly readers may remember our contention that this win was attributable at least in part to the Phillies' "green" efforts in terms of their Citizen's Bank Park policies and especially their award-winning veggie options. With their eye on a possible repeat in 2009, the ball club is not letting up, but pressing onward in greening the baseball experience.


They're looking for Red Goes Green Team volunteer groups to sign up and cover every home game with kids (and grownups) willing to go through the seats and collect recyclables throughout the first seven innings. Compensation? Innings eight and nine in whatever seats you can find.

And they continue to expand the locations throughout CB park where you can get veggie food items, including veggie quesadillas at the Nacho Portable Stand (Section 122) and black-bean-based Southwestern Veggie Burgers at the new Alley Grill (Left Field Plaza). This is in addition to the existing veggie burgers, dogs and cheesesteaks they've been offering over the past couple years.

That's not all, though - for the second straight year the Phillies have committed to purchasing 100% renewable energy and have implemented sustainable procedures in the way the park is managed and cleaned (the Hall of Fame barstoos have been redone with 100% recycled upholstery). And tying this all together somehow is Red Goes Green mascot Phil the Can (right), who lights up, makes noise and single-handedly motivates the young and old alike to point and make jokes at his expense. Oh, and to recycle, too, of course.

With all of these initiatives in place, the Phils are set to go all the way again. But remember, just like saving the planet, getting to the World Series is a one-small-step-at-a-time process. Please don't start booing before the seventh inning of game one.