E2P's Last Annual Poinsettia Post

At least, we're hoping this will be the first and last time this needs to be mentioned, but as people are getting their holiday decorating finalized, it's worth pointing out for anyone who hasn't yet heard...

Poinsettia plants are not poisonous to you, your children or your pets. (Like most plants, they will cause vomiting if overeaten, but their taste is so bad the chances of that are minuscule.)

One would hope that everyone has finally caught up with this fact about the unfairly maligned natural plant (see, the natural plant thing makes it Earth to Philly's beat), but as Snopes points out it's "a wonderfully persistent myth" that seems to find new victims every year. To those people, I also want to make it clear that if you open an email with the subject line "Good Times," you will not automatically get a virus that wipes out your hard drive.

While you're at the invaluable Snopes, you can try your hand sorting out fact from fantasy at their special Christmas page, where even Philadelphia rates a mention - for you-know-what - and test your BS-detector on the Christmas Legends quiz.