Ducks to water - already?

The Ducks seem to already be in the Schuylkiill by the looks of this promotion.

If Ride the Ducks is allowed to move its amphibious-vehicle operations to the Schuylkill River, the impact could be huge on Schuylkill River Park. As we speak, a city panel is reviewing the Ducks’  proposal for the move, and will issue a response in the coming weeks. If the panel recommends a “yes” to the move, the shift still won’t be a done deal, city officials tell me.

The proposal must still be green-lighted by the mayor, get voted upon in City Council and pass muster with the Planning commission, the Parks and recreation Commission and the Art Commission. The latter four have a large public-input component to them, so it could be a while before the Ducks glide into the Schuylkill – if at all.

But that hasn’t stopped Ride the Ducks from advertising a Schuylkill River Tour as if the approval is a done deal. My column today discusses how Ride the Ducks promoted the river ride to tour operators this week at the American Bus Association’s trade show at the convention center.

Something is fishy with these ducks …

UPDATE 1/14: The Daily News Editorial Board, headed by fellow E2P blogger Sandra Shea, downplays any notion of 'conspiracy' but admits it looks like the deal has already been concluded, outside of public input.