Drill, baby... but with a fee

Don't read his lips: Governor Corbett promised no new taxes, and in spite of pressure from environmentalists to tax the gas-drillers of Marcellus Shale, he has technically kept that promise, instead allowing the counties involved to impos a fee in the plan he released today.

As one outlet put it, this has thrown a "curveball" into the debate, with people who were ready to react to the governor's detailed plan one way or another now needing to re-check where they land given this tightrope-sized middle ground Corbett is walking.

Don't read his lips! Gov. Corbett's plan sticks to the letter of his no-new-taxes promise, if not the spirit.

Don't worry, though. At the end of the day, by which I mean literally the end of today, Monday, the pros and cons will be lined up and broadcasting their message loud and clear.

This is not to say that it's all hazy. For instance Penn Future notes that there doesn't seem to be anything in the plan about protecting state parks, a crucial issue for the organization. So whatever impact the impact fees have, that may not be enough to safeguard important areas.

If you're still making up your mind, here's a quick rundown of how money would be collected andhow it would be spentunder Corbett's plan.