Does a bike make sex toys green?

Nowadays every business seems to be able to come up with a "green" angle to spin its products or services as part of the solution to global catastrophe. Some of these are more authentic than others, but with Valentine's Day coming up, some of this definitely goes overboard.

Just a couple quick examples: There's no quarrel with the sincerity of Heart is Hot, which Planet Green dubs "Four Valentine Gifts in One." It's a heart-shaped piece of glass that's red, but it's also recycled and reusable. And yeah, when you think about it, nearly any non-perishable gift is reusable, which is to say re-giftable, but the twist here is that you're encouraged to re-give this after logging a story onto the Heart Is Hot Web site. So you wind up connected to hundreds or more of other people through the little glass trinket in a process they call "paying love forward."

This is an interesting idea, but it seems like a lot of work for the person on the receiving end of what should be a lovely no-strings-attached gift. Meanwhile, over at Treehugger we cut right to the chase in terms of green love: A guy who delivers sex toys - wait for it - on a bicycle.

Apparently Antony Mikrut, founder of the Kinky Llama, has found an untapped need - people who want sex toys in the middle of the night and simply cannot wait till morning or till the regular mail service delivers them. He also has some interesting insights into the differences between men and women in this respect - at least as far as he can extrapolate from his own late-night experience. You can read all about it as well as see the Chicago Tribune's video report on Kinky Llama right here.

But the Treehugger blogger raises a good point that we'd like to see more people address - what good is greening one aspect of your business - the transport - if the rest of it is based on non-biodegradable plastic and excess packaging? Maybe this guy should hook up with a more eco-friendly supplier so his love-related business would truly be red and white and green all over.