Carrots and moving sculpture: The latest

While I was away for a week, a couple of events came to fruition here in town that Earth to Philly had tipped you to way back when, so here's a quick update on those two stories:

First, the Philly Carrotmob, which we told you about a month ago, is moving into high gear getting closer to the city's first carrot-mob "action," with meetings and parties supporting the cause. Meanwhile, the mainstream media, e.g. Time Magazine, is starting to take notice of the phenomenon, proclaiming that "carrots are looking greener every day." If you're interested in being a part of said action, keep up on thePhilly Carrotmob blog and let Tony Montagnaro know you're out there. All you'll need to do is buy something you're already going to buy, but at a specific time and place. You won't have to bring your own carrot, but it couldn't hurt.

Secondly, this weekend saw the triumphant third annual installment of the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, the wacky "green"-themed event that we spotlighted back in February with a short podcast. Having ridden in the Derby last year I really wished I could have also been there for this one, but it looks as though even without my participation (or because of it?) the event was a huge success, with people of all ages from all over the Delaware Valley finding ways to get through the streets of Kensington - and especially through the mud pit - on human-powered works of art.

You can use the Google to find photos across the Web as they start showing up today and tomorrow, but there's already a good collection right here on at the Phrequency channel. Check 'em out, and remember, there's only 11 months left to register for the 2010 event, so you might want to start planning your own definitive kinetic sculpture today!

TWO TIDBITS: Earth to Philly bids a poignant farewell to former Green writer (and even more formerly DN columnist) Mark Alan Hughes, who announced today his resignation as Sustainability Director. Having left us in the hands of his ambitious Green plan, Hughes will now return to his native habitat, the academic realm. And we could hardly let this post, commencing with a Carrot Mob update, end without giving one more shout-out to Paul Glover (who, we learn, was also at the Kinetic Sculpture Derby on Saturday) and Green Jobs Philly, whose 12th edition of its newsletter has just come out.