Bike wars

The whole "share the road, share the responsibility" issue between bikes and cars is getting louder and more complex with legislative proposals in City Council for registering and fining cyclists. While the Daily News Editorial Board says the new laws go too far...

[T]he idea of registration and license plates is a step too far. For one thing, it imposes a new level of bureaucracy for an activity that has freedom in its DNA. And this is a city well-known for elevating the worst of bureaucratic bungling to an art form.

Our other beefs: What about people who bike in from other locations (for which registration is a big "Don't Come Here" sign), or even commute into the city from other locales? Is it fair to impose registration on them? We're also uncomfortable with the suggested $100 fine for violators.

the ever-irascible Stu Bykofsky says, essentially, that they don't go as far as they should...

DiCicco's idea was a good start. Let's put more on the table. If you want parity with cars, how can you not agree to be insured?

...Let's license adult bikers as we do motorists, to assure that they are competent and know the law. No more parking anywhere you want for free. Like cars, you will park only in designated areas.

So who's right? Looks like a long winter of discontent for both sides as we all hash this out. Having endured some obnoxious muttering from a guy on a bike who felt I was blocking his way as he pulled onto the sidewalk to ride there, I sympathize with Stu and his ilk about "bad apple" cyclists. I will remark, though, that if we want to talk about scofflaws who are endangering lives right and left, here it is November - remember that big "November first" deadline for enforcement? - and the cell-phone law that was passed in the spring still hasn't resulted in a single driver being fined.