Apples for Hallowe'en? Really?

Do you have to be eco-friendly even on Halloween?

I was reading author Jodi Helmer's ideas for having a green Halloween (in her book The Green Year: 365 Small Things You Can Do to Make a Big Difference) and was a bit put off by some of her suggestions.

For instance, Helmer's suggestion about giving organic apple to trick-or-treaters seems plain wrong. Didn't giving apples fall out of favor after all the scares about razor blades and other sharp objects? Even if these turned out to be urban legends, come on - you don't want yours to be known as the "neighborhood apple house," do you?

I much prefer her suggestion about buying treats in bulk to minimize the waste you get from packaging. But even so, you've still got to make sure the candy's individually wrapped.

Heimer, whose Web site is, also suggests skipping the costumes at the mall and making your own, which is a good idea - provided you have the time, energy and creativity to come up with one.

She suggests pulling out your wedding dress and going as the Bride of Frankenstein. Right. That's not happening. But I can think of some other homemade costumes I might try.

What are your ideas about having a green Halloween?