America Recycles Day ...and Night?

Hopefully the concept of "America Recycles Day" doesn't need a great deal of explanation for Earth to Philly readers, other than the fact that it's November 15th and has been going on since 1997. Here in Philly the signal event for this year's observance, though, will be tomorrow at the Antonia Pantoja Charter School, one of the five local schools accepted in this year’s RecycleBank Green Schools Program, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m..

Mayor Nutter will host a presentation recognizing the schools as well as a rally to support Philadelphia’s UnLitter Us campaign. There will be free recycling bins, free give-aways and, yes, free refreshments!

Meanwhile, RecycleBank has teamed with "Procter & Gamble Future Friendly" to create “Learn and Earn,” allowing consumers to earn RecycleBank Points for learning about ways to become better stewards of the environment. Here's the organization's description:

With the Learn and Earn educational initiative – the first of its kind for RecycleBank and P&G – RecycleBank is working to build a movement that motivates and educates individuals to take actions that have a positive environmental impact. Learn and Earn offers simple tips for engaging in greener actions like saving energy and water or reducing waste along with a short quiz, and a reward of 25 RecycleBank Points. Knowing how to take the right “green” steps can have a massive impact on our planet.

So, how does it work?
·  Watch a short video about keeping the environment in mind every day
·  Take a 4-question quiz
·  Get rewarded with 25 RecycleBank Points
·  Share the Learn and Earn opportunity via social media to earn even more RecycleBank Points
·  These points can then be redeemed at for rewards from local and national retailers, restaurants, grocers, and more

And while everybody is talking about recycling cans, bottles and plastics, a group called USAgain says, what about old clothes? 

The EPA estimates that the average American throws away over 60 lbs of clothing a year. The strain on landfills is bad for the environment (not to mention expensive for local taxpayers).

USAgain (pronounced “use again”) provides drop bins for residents in major U.S. markets can toss their unwanted clothes.  The company collects the discarded clothes and diverts them from landfills by reselling them to be reworn, re-used or recycled (ideally in that order).

There are more things going on regionally and nationally, and this is your best source for info. For some of us here in town, Monday is trash day anyway, the day we put our recycling out. So if nothing else we'll be all that more vigilant in getting everything that is recyclable out of our house and into the bin on the curb. How about you?